Thursday, November 03, 2011

November Already?

My goodness October sure did fly by. Well, as you can see I didn't get my website up and running. In fact, I need to go back to square one and find a good hosting site. You can find me here for now :)

I do have internet access again....YAY!!! So no excuses to not productivate :)

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

October Meet-UP

September has come and gone. It was a successful month of planning, organizing, and all around getting into the time-management groove. As a creative, this is a challenge. Personally I am a very by-the-book person, so planning is fine…it’s the application that is the kicker. As in any new:  habit, job, adventure, this month has been both rewarding and emotionally exhausting. I am staying the course and see real improvements in attitude and motivation.  

~~Now that I got the sappy stuff out of the way…Let’s move on~~

October is going to be a refreshingly busy month. Can we say (way over due) Website Re-launch…Yeah baby! 

Before we get to the plan, I have a favor to ask…

If you would like to just leave a question in the comments, please make sure that we have an email address to respond personally to. In either case, please allow 2 weeks for a response.
*We reserve the right to delete any comments that we deem as inappropriate or irrelevant.

Back to Planning

I have been doing very well with the project planning, and holding myself accountable.  So, here is the plan:

Month long:
Website Re-launch: Deadline October 28
Week 1
Project 1:
                Create Flash for Photography page on Website
Project 2:
Launch Series in Etsy Shop ~ can’t wait to show them J
Finish Painting Math Series …again, can’t wait to share!
                Launch Series in Etsy Shop
Project 3:
                Logo for Blog (More detail after project completion)

Week 2
Project 1:
                Design and Code “Design Studio”
Project 2:
Watercolors for Portfolio
                Upload to Appropriate Shops
Project 3:

Week 3
Project 1:
                Design and Code “Art Studio”
Project 2:
Ink (Calligraphy and Art) for Portfolio
                Upload to Appropriate Shops
Project 3:

Week 4
Project 1:
Website:  Go Live October 28th
                About, Pricing/Policies, FAQ, and Contact Pages
Project 2:
                Update designs
                Create (3) Scrapbook Kits
                Upload to Appropriate Shops
Project 3:

*We are currently accepting illustration, design, and photography assignments. If you (our can refer someone) who is in need of any of these services, please call 314.915.4709 for an estimate. 

 Like sharing your goals and challenges with like minded peeps? Join the Meetup :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Me: Unplugged

It’s been a long time since I posted, with good reason.  Don’t worry; I’m not going to bore you with the normal excuses. I really do have a good reason.  This summer I made the conscious decision to go unplugged (not to be confused with “unraveled”).  What I mean is to discontinue phone and internet service in the home/home office.  I didn’t want you to think I went totally off of my rocker and got rid of the TV’s and computer totally.
There were a couple of factors that steered me in this direction. First and foremost were finances. We just couldn’t continue with the internet/phone costs any longer.  We never really had it in the personal budget in the first place. The business budget has been thinned out this year, as well.  I know that my own lack of motivation to really search for new projects is a huge factor. The driving force of that lack of motivation, my love of TV. Or more specifically watching shows from various networks all day long on Hulu. Man I do miss me some Eureka, Haven, Warehouse 13, Pretty Little Liars, Design Star…I better stop before I start convulsing from withdrawal.
I’m sure you can see why not having the distraction of the internet in the home might just allow me to use my time more productively (both personally and professionally).  You know what? It worked!
I know there are a lot of people that can balance time on the internet and personal life. I’m not one of those. Am I saying I will never have internet again? Heck No. I’m just using this time to reintroduce some much needed time management skills. I have some pretty specific plans in place to keep my business afloat (maybe even improving it) without have internet readily available. 
So, there you go. That is why I have been MIA. I’m kind of off the grid. I’ll keep you posted on how this is working more me/us.
Question: Since you have had internet connection, what is the longest duration that you have gone without internet? How’d that work for you?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

D is for Dragon

I was visiting my BFF today and we where looking through her daughters clothes what she had outgrown so that Raevan could be the new owner. While in her room I noticed the drawing I did years ago on her wall. It was actually a Christmas present for her older brother, who is now grown and moved out. Oh where does the time go?

I thought this drawing had been long gone. Alas, it was posted on her wall by her bed. So, here it is 9 years later. No frame, a few wrinkles and ink marks added...but I think it adds character.

Blue Eyes White Dragon
*Remember this was just a personal picture for my Godson, who was 10ish at the time.

Friday, April 22, 2011

C is for Creativity

 I was blessed with a comment from Deidra at A Storybook World offering my blog the "Creative Blog Award" and a badge with her beautiful art. Thank you so much Deidra, this is my very first award and I will wear the badge with pride :)

On a side note,

So, I said I wasn't going to be lazy this month. In all actuality I haven't been. My family and I have been spring cleaning our house like mad dogs. I just haven't had time, or energy, to post lately. 

So, yeah, I've been creative. Getting three children ages 9,10 and 11 to want to help around the house, if that doesn't take a massive amount of creativity, I don't know what does.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

B is for Birthday

Today's post goes out to my little girl. My Beautiful, Bold, Brilliant daughter turned 9 years old today.

Happy Birthday, Raevan!!!

This is the last year that I have a child in the single digits...bitter-sweet.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Aint No Lazy Fool Here

It's April 1st...Yep, April Fools day.

No foolin', there are no jokes here. Time to get serious. I've been lazy and fooling around for the last couple of months. To redeam myself I am going to complete 2 challenges in this post, and that will be the stepping stone going forward for the month of April.

Challenge #1: Neglected last month...

I'm going to keep these goals pretty simple for the month.

  • Do the Challenges (Current) for each group that I am a member of
  • Do 2 paintings
  • Don't expect too much of myself
  • Don't stress

Challenge #2: A new challenge...

Some favorite "A" words...
  • Art
  • Appreciation
  • Acceptance
  • Anatomy
  • Astrology
  • Astronomy
  • Aspergus
  • Artichoke

Some handy "A" words...
  • Acronym*
  • Alliteration
Least favorite "A" word...


I literally despise that this word is now included in the dictionary. When I was a kid you could say, "Ain't isn't a word." I mean really, what is it a contraction of? Now that it is included in the dictionary, we can't claim that.

Some other opinions of recently added words to the dictionary...LOL, OMG, and FYI. Those are not words!!! Those are, gosh there is a word for it...what is that word...OH Yeah! ACRONYM!

So, now that I got that off of my chest, I better go get some ART done :)

Special Thanks to Debi@ Chocolate Wasteland and Dawn@ This Side of Typical for introducing me to the A-Z April Challenge. Love Ya, Ladies!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Zentangle: 9 Artoo

We were challenged to do a zentangle incorporate the new tangle created by Laura at I am the Diva named after her sick little baby "Artoo"

Here is the newest challenge. 

Sorry to have taken so long with this one. It was finished earlier in the week, I just never got around to scanning it and posting it.

Don't forget to join the fun... 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Meet Up: February Goals

I came across another little gem in the blogsphere of creatives. This is a monthly group that "Meets Up" at the beginning of each month to post your business goals for the coming month.

Since I am late this month, I have 10 less days...that's okay though, because most of these I have been doing some of these anyway :)

Since I am a visual being, I organized the goals in post-its (the virtual Windows 7 ones) on my desktop. Now I have my Dream Board, Goals, and my Cozi schedule all in one pretty little place. (You know how I like pretty little places ;).

Since I have a humongous monitor I will break it down for you:

AKEW (Something- either the blog or the actual project)



Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Workin' Wednesday 2/9

Nothing special, just some thinking out loud...or with pen :)

Let me know if you have some favorite brand, or better yet...a brand to stay away from. Opinions and/or information is greatly appreciated :)

Supply Wish List

  1. Canvas (different sizes)
  2. More Acrylic paints (or at least find mine O.o)
  3. Sewing machine
  4. Colorful threads
  5. Quilling set
  6. Resin
  7. More Jewelry wire
  8. Watercolor Paper (The big stuff)
  9. better watercolor paints
  10. Torch
  11. Glass sticks
  12. Bead Kiln
  13. Better Crochet needle (since Devan chewed on mine)
  14. Calligraphy Set (a good one-maybe a quill and ink set)
  15. More Markers
  16. Colored Pencils
  17. Polyester Fabric,
  18. Big O' Bucket of Mod Podge, 

*Update 2/11
I just created a wishlist of everything but 3-5, 10-11, and 17 at Blicks...Might take advantage of the 20% off and free shipping before 2/14. *Bat's eyelashes at dear husband ;)

Beary Bunny

The kids' school let out early because there is a beautiful dusting of snow. As my oldest says "they are afraid we will get our pants wet". We live in a somewhat rural area, with a lot of hills, so if there is any snow accumulation, there is no school.

My youngest wanted to get started on her homework right away (because she is a very type A person) so that she could go play. She brought this picture and asked me if I could help her with it. Here is the conversation:

Daughter: "Mom, could you help me with my bear for the cafeteria contest?" *showing it to me and pointing to the middle and the ears..."Like maybe some glitter around here or something"

Me: "Did you draw that yourself?" *confused because it looks more like a bunny than a bear.
Daughter: "No, see the outline. This was printed."

Me: Still confussed at the outline, then I started laughing.

Daughter: "What?"

Me: Turning it around...

"Whatcha got there little guy?"...All three of the kids started laughing hysterically.

How are we going to fix this? We don't need a little phallic bear hanging in the school cafeteria. Looks like mom is going to trace a new bear.

I traced the outline and she went right to work :)

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Zentangle: 8 (Heart + )

This week's challenge is close to my heart. Laura at I am the Diva CZT gave us the challenge heart + two past challenges because she needs our well wishing for her son Artoo who was hospitalized with respiratory problems.

Ten years ago my baby boy was in and out of the hospital with Pneumonia and RSV for the first five months of his life. At one point he was in the ICU and they were preparing us for the possibility of putting him on a ventilator. He turned 10 this year, and is an amazing little man.

This Zentangle is a combination of all the past challenges, with a big full heart to Artoo.

  1. Simple
  2. Two Pencil String
  3. Eyes Wide Shut (I combined 2+3 to make the ribbon)
  4. Starry Eyed Surprise
  5. Orbs
  6. Ixorus
  7. Breathe
  8. Heart
When I put all these together, it looked like this...

Join the fun... 

Monday, February 07, 2011

2 Things Challenge: Shadow/Play

I posted this picture years ago. As in the beginning of my blog days way back in 2006. I may have snapped the shot, but the composition was set up by my (then) 5 year old autistic son. I had to re-post because it fits this challenge perfectly.


 As the years have past, he has continued to amaze me with the way he sees the world, and the way he captures it in  his very creative and artistic nature. Love you little man!!
Bigger Than Life
Originally uploaded by 

Join the fun at 2 Things Challenge
Mommy Bee.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Illustration Friday: Reverse

The reverse side also has a reverse side.  ~Japanese Proverb

Sometimes a quote is the first point of inspiration for a challenge such as this. Especially if it is one that I am having a difficult time coming up with a concept for the prompt word. 

I found this quote and immediately thought of Koi fish. Probably the fact that this is a Japanese Proverb. I started playing around with a koi fish, doing some reverse action in Photoshop, and thought that it would make a pretty sweet motif for a new pattern. The colors were pretty easy...go with orange and the reverse on the color wheel. 

I would love to see this in some screen-print action...but that's for another day. 


Don't forget to join the fun...

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Zentangle: Breathe

Breathe in deeply through the nose, then breathe out through the mouth.

Finding my rhythm is difficult in music. However; when I do dots and lines, it comes easily. Good thing too, because rhythm is just as necessary in the sketching, as it is in breathing, and yes, in music.
#7: Breathe

Don't forget to join in the fun...


EDM: #305 Huge

Upon reading the Everyday Matters challenge for this week, I immediately want to do a Huge Hug. I don't know why. Maybe the words look so much alike. Or maybe I have a fondness for alliterations. Well, both are true, so we will just go with that.

Much to my surprise I found an image with a little girl hugging an Elephant. So here it is, a Huge Hug

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Illustration Friday: Surrender

Need I say more?

S2S #4: The Squatter

Debi posted the character sketch for this guy. He was a challenge! Not really the position, but the fact that she specifically stated the place that she saw him. Since Chipotle is a chain, I had to find a "Chipotle Chair". I used some creative liberties in this one. I'm not extremely pleased with him. I have had issues with each sketch so far, so why should this one be any different?

I think that it's because I have to come up with these from reading and my imagination. I never have been great at sketching unless I can see the subject right in front of me, life or photograph. I can't really do that on these. All the more reason to keep practicing and making progress.

The Squatter

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mandala "ish doodle"

Since Phine from Zendoodle-Wedge commented that my last Zentangle challenge was a mandala. It reminded me of the only other mandalaish doodle that I have done. I shared this with my facebook friends the day I made it. Unfortunately I was letting dust pile up over here at the Sketch-n-blog at the time. So, I tought I would take this chance to share it with you.

More doodles from days-gone-by to come ;)

Zentangle: Ixorus Challenge

This week's challenge was to use the tangle entitled "Ixorus" somewhere in our Zentangle. On Sunday I created a few tangles for my Bible Study Journal cover that where mainly different Christian Icons. With those still fresh on my mind, I had to incorporate the crown of thorns.

I like the way it turned out. My outer strokes are a bit different than the original pattern. I didn't realize this until after completing. Mainly because I do these without looking directly at the tangles. I commit the inspiration and process to memory, then do what comes naturally to me from there on.

Join the fun....iamthedivaczt

Monday, January 24, 2011

Illustration Friday: Dusty

I had to look to see when I last submitted an Illustration Friday entry. It was three and a half years ago! I hope to start contributing more frequently this year. Heck, this one is definitely progress over the last 3 years...a big whopping ZERO submissions.

So here it is, my interpretation of "Dusty":

I was never fond of all the chalk dust when I was in school. Oh the horror if it was my day to erase the board!

Friday, January 21, 2011

My Name...All Zentangled Up

I just posted my Zentangles a couple of hours ago, and I got some great comments from CZT's (Certified Zentangle Trainer) already. I just love getting comments. One, it makes me feel special, of course. Also it gives me a chance (and valid reason) to visit others' blog.

I'll get to the point...I checked out Sue Clark's Tangle Ink Art and found another challenge. Did I mention that I love challenges? Anyway, this challenge was one she did of Linda Farmer of This challenge was to "Zentangle Your Name" 

You see, the actual Zentangle kit and process has patterns with names. Let me say, this is the first time I have used an "official" Zentangle pattern, or at least knowingly. Honestly, the process of using a specific pattern that was developed by someone else, and named, is a little bit hard for me to get used to. It feels like I'm cheating, or on some level copyright infringement. 

I really wonder where the line is between copying these patterns and copyright issues. A lot of the "official" patterns are patterns and variation of patterns found for centuries of art, textiles and in nature. 

On a certain level, it feels rather uncomfortable to "copy" a pattern that someone else has done, to the "t" anyway. I'm not saying it is wrong, especially in the sense that this is a personal thing, not really professional. The question becomes valid if someone was to use these patterns in a professional piece of work. Even if the pattern could be proved to be found in nature, could the artist get sued for using a theme that was constructed by someone else? I know, Tisk Tisk...Way to get stressed over something that may be nothing.

I may look at the official designs for inspiration from time to time, but in the future I think I will just "wing-it". Unless, of course, there is another challenge like this...I like challenges, what?!? It's just that I feel process is more enjoyable, creative, and relaxing when I'm not trying to "copy" a design pattern. I also feels that it shows in the final product...even though this is about the process not the product. But hey, I want to show you something pretty. Is there anything wrong with that? (Don't answer that, rhetorical question ;)

Now that I am done thinking out-loud, here is my name in Zentangle form. 


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