Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Following my Heart

A few months ago I decided that the best way to help my family was to put my dreams aside and take a position in an area completely new to me. I approached this adventure as I do in most aspects of my life...Head First; All or Nothing!

Soon after starting I had this nagging feeling in my gut that something was "off". I was performing well. I was even promoted to a management position within a few weeks. I still had this uncomfortable feeling in my gut. The long days...I can handle that. The nights away from the family...I delt with that. So what was bugging me.

I had a realization that the job requirements went against my moral code. This may sound bad, but it is so easy to justify little things here and there. What it came down to was that I just couldn't continue with this position because it just didn't feel "right" in my gut.

So here we are again. Here I am again. I'm not saying it was all bad. I'm not saying that I didn't learn anything...actually I grew a lot in areas that I needed help in, through this experience. Specifically, I now have no anxieties driving (opening a world of possibilities for me).

I'm super excited to take the things I learned from that adventure and bring them in to creating a more successful and fulfilling business.


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