Sunday, April 24, 2011

D is for Dragon

I was visiting my BFF today and we where looking through her daughters clothes what she had outgrown so that Raevan could be the new owner. While in her room I noticed the drawing I did years ago on her wall. It was actually a Christmas present for her older brother, who is now grown and moved out. Oh where does the time go?

I thought this drawing had been long gone. Alas, it was posted on her wall by her bed. So, here it is 9 years later. No frame, a few wrinkles and ink marks added...but I think it adds character.

Blue Eyes White Dragon
*Remember this was just a personal picture for my Godson, who was 10ish at the time.

Friday, April 22, 2011

C is for Creativity

 I was blessed with a comment from Deidra at A Storybook World offering my blog the "Creative Blog Award" and a badge with her beautiful art. Thank you so much Deidra, this is my very first award and I will wear the badge with pride :)

On a side note,

So, I said I wasn't going to be lazy this month. In all actuality I haven't been. My family and I have been spring cleaning our house like mad dogs. I just haven't had time, or energy, to post lately. 

So, yeah, I've been creative. Getting three children ages 9,10 and 11 to want to help around the house, if that doesn't take a massive amount of creativity, I don't know what does.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

B is for Birthday

Today's post goes out to my little girl. My Beautiful, Bold, Brilliant daughter turned 9 years old today.

Happy Birthday, Raevan!!!

This is the last year that I have a child in the single digits...bitter-sweet.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Aint No Lazy Fool Here

It's April 1st...Yep, April Fools day.

No foolin', there are no jokes here. Time to get serious. I've been lazy and fooling around for the last couple of months. To redeam myself I am going to complete 2 challenges in this post, and that will be the stepping stone going forward for the month of April.

Challenge #1: Neglected last month...

I'm going to keep these goals pretty simple for the month.

  • Do the Challenges (Current) for each group that I am a member of
  • Do 2 paintings
  • Don't expect too much of myself
  • Don't stress

Challenge #2: A new challenge...

Some favorite "A" words...
  • Art
  • Appreciation
  • Acceptance
  • Anatomy
  • Astrology
  • Astronomy
  • Aspergus
  • Artichoke

Some handy "A" words...
  • Acronym*
  • Alliteration
Least favorite "A" word...


I literally despise that this word is now included in the dictionary. When I was a kid you could say, "Ain't isn't a word." I mean really, what is it a contraction of? Now that it is included in the dictionary, we can't claim that.

Some other opinions of recently added words to the dictionary...LOL, OMG, and FYI. Those are not words!!! Those are, gosh there is a word for it...what is that word...OH Yeah! ACRONYM!

So, now that I got that off of my chest, I better go get some ART done :)

Special Thanks to Debi@ Chocolate Wasteland and Dawn@ This Side of Typical for introducing me to the A-Z April Challenge. Love Ya, Ladies!


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