Saturday, March 21, 2015

Unofficial Again

Every once in a while I'll check my "Time Hop" first thing waking up. This morning was one of those days. What I found was something I was expecting, yet it hit me right in the feels when I saw it in black and white. 

It was 5 years ago today that I registered LMD Studio as a "Doing Business As" in my state. It is a 5 year registration, therefore it has now officially expired. 

I really never had a business to begin with. I had intentions. I had aspirations. I had ideas (many many ideas). What I was lacking was motivation and a spine! 

I had a few projects, I just never got paid. Some were donated services that was intended as free work from the beginning. There were a couple of projects that I did and got completely shafted. 

Honestly though, not having a DBA doesn't mean it's all over. It just means that I will need to make some name changes. 

Hmm, guess some decision making is in order. 

Until next time, I'm officially unofficial. 

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